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Redragon Muses H310 Review: Great For Gaming?

Redragon Muses H310 is a full-size gaming headset with a microphone and 3-D sound (7.1). It is bright red, has highlights and a USB connection. And most interestingly, their gaming sound is not bad even though they come at a relatively low price.

This is probably the cheapest gaming headset with 7.1 audio that I know of. At first glance, the headset looks unassuming. But after testing it, it leaves an impression. What kind? Read more to find out.

How Did I Test The Redragon Muses?

I had the headphones for over a week. I’m not a big gamer, but since I’m a tester, I had to play a few of my favorite (in the past) games – And I got sucked in. For testing purposes, I listened to music, but the headphones wouldn’t connect to my TV since there’s no USB connection.

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The outer appearance and quality of the headphones

Redragon Muses Design on a table

The amount of items included with the Redragon Muses H310 is traditionally small for budget models and includes just the headphones and documentation. Oh yeah, And also sticker! It’s true, and you can add a cardboard stand for the headphones, which is part of the packaging.

Overall, you can store the headphones on them, but it isn’t very sturdy and doesn’t look right.

Redragon Muses H310 Parts

Redragon Muses's additional resistance on the cord

The headphones are made out of plastic. They are a gamma black-red color. They are angular for gaming headphones. The first impressions are good. You can see that the headphones aren’t expensive, but they don’t look cheap at all.

The Redragon Muses cable is relatively thick and wrapped in cloth. It only connects to one ear (the left), and the plug is also strengthened with rubber packing. It has an extension (the cable is 2.2 meters long) and additional resistance (which often happens in charging cords for cameras, for example), and a USB plug.

The cable looks reliable. It’s strong and hard to damage even if you run over it with your chair. Other options besides USB, were not looked at. The connector itself is long which may be uncomfortable to plug into the front of your PC tower. It’s better to plug it into the back, and the cable length allows it.

The headphones and the headband of the Redragon Muses H310 are made from matted, nice feeling plastic. The outer side of the headphones has a glazed inset with the company logo and two lights next to it. R and L are marked on the sides. Above them is a smooth design element that excellently gathers fingerprints.

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Redragon Muses H310 Cable Strengthening
Redragon Muses H310 Cable Strengthening

Honestly, at first, I expected the dragon to also “glow”, but no – The lights are fairly modest and have no extras.

The headphone ear muffs are large and deep. They’ll fit any ears. They’re soft enough. The lining is made from decent faux leather and looks resistant to wear and tear. There’s a cloth shield inside. It’s completed with a red-black screen. The headphones don’t turn and aren’t smooth.

The left headphone has all the electronics (sound card). It has three control buttons, +/- for volume and on/off for the mic. The microphone sits on a comfortable, flexible rod. It also has a light that turns off when the mic does. When the mic rod is turned up, honestly, it doesn’t happen. Just when you push the button. The mic is fixed in its place.

The left headphone surface heats up when on. It doesn’t heat up much, but it does. It isn’t an additional “ear warmer”.

The headband is relatively large, but not flexible and plastic. It slides a bit (really just a bit). You can see the metal base, but it’s still mostly plastic. On top, there’s a large, soft, red “cushion”.

Redragon Muses USB Port
Redragon Muses USB Port

The Redragon Muses are built with high quality and are reliable. They don’t scratch or fall off. They’re good for their price. You might expect them to work for several years, even if you aren’t especially careful – If the electronics don’t fail.

Comfort And Microphone

Redragon Muses H310 flexible microphone

The Redragon Muses H310 are incredibly comfortable headphones. But their comfort isn’t achieved in the most common of ways: When I was unpacking them, I paid attention to the size of the headband. It’s very wide and has a small “gap” to set the size.

A wide headband means it doesn’t press hard. And that’s how it is. The designers balanced the pressure, size, and softness of the headphones and the headband cushion well. You almost don’t feel the headphones on your head. You can use them for several hours comfortably. The worst is your ears might get too warm.

It’s not even close to summer right now, so I wasn’t joking when I said they heat up after 2-3 hours of use.

Although, the Redragon Muses sits on large or small heads without a problem. And I barely even moved the headband to make them sit comfortably. However, the headphones might be a bit large and problematic for kids.

Pay attention that even though the headphones don’t press hard, they won’t fall off when you turn your head. If you really vigorously moved your head, then they’ll move, of course. But, for example, you can rotate or tilt your head without problems.

The Redragon Muses H310 microphone is reasonably good. It more or less naturally projects your voice. And the surrounding noise isn’t transferred much. You’ll always be heard and the surrounding sounds won’t be “caught” in the microphone unless you, of course, are with someone who watches the TV really loudly. It’s great that the rod is very flexible and easy to position as you need and also easily turns as needed and won’t break.

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And the exciting thing about the Redragon Muses is it turns off the sound and lights when the headphones are horizontal. For example, if you lie them on a table. Only the surface should be really even. If the table has a lot of paper on it, for example, and the headphones aren’t entirely horizontal, then they won’t turn off.

However, the microphone light won’t turn off if it isn’t turned off.

Redragon Muses Control Buttons

Redragon H310 Control Buttons

The headphones are separate from the computer like an audio card. You don’t need any extra drivers for them. There’s also no application-interface. It’s worth noting that the buttons on the left headphone regulate the overall volume on a program level. It’s not like a knob on a cable.

Sound Quality

Redragon Muses headphone cushions

The Redragon Muses are good gaming headphones. They’re suitable specifically for games. The sound is positioned very well and enhances the surroundings. If there are many surrounding sounds, they more or less mix into one mixture.

But it, of course, has nuances. The sounds from behind are weak and feel like they’re from below. However, you can adjust quickly. But the other surroundings are created well. The sound’s sources on the left or right, and at any point in the front are oriented well. The dynamic range is excellent. Steps, for example, are heard, but explosions don’t make you deaf.

It’s okay (for me at least) that the headphones don’t have too much bass. Meaning, a shot sounds more or less like a shot and not like an explosion. Many gaming headphones do this poorly.

However, there no lack of bass in the Redragon Muses. You can feel this when listening to music. However, these headphones aren’t perfect for this. Since you can’t turn off the 3-D sound, it makes a weird scene for many songs.

If we talk about the sound quality for music, I would say that there’s a distinct accent on the low frequencies and the middle. However, the high frequencies aren’t exceptionally sharp or accented. The bass is often not very smooth. It’s the 3-D space that you don’t really want when listening to music.

Attention! The headphones have noticeable background noise in silence. For example, when the game is paused or when using a media player. Meaning, when you launch a program, it generates a sound, but the sound isn’t from your application. I wouldn’t say it’s an annoyance, but it’s worth mentioning.

Redragon Muses Movable Headband

Redragon Muses H310 are best used for games and watching movies. They give (quite well) precisely what’s needed, atmosphere, surroundings, and dynamic movement. The only thing lacking is naturalness. But this is maybe only noticed in movies (in voices).

Comparison To Similar Models

Redragon Muses, Defender Warhead G-370 and Logitech G Pro X

Generally, I compared the Redragon Muses with the Logitech G Pro X. The last model is noticeably more expensive and was more interesting but I didn’t feel its superiority. On the other hand, sometimes it has too much bass. Of course, I have games in mind with the 3D sound turned on. Without this, the Pro X gives a very even sound.

In conclusion, the Logitech headphones create space better. Especially behind and to the sides. There’s a more dynamic range and the atmosphere is better made. But I’m not sure that it’s as much better as it is more expensive.

I compared it to the Perfeo Guard and Defender Warhead G-370 in a “facultative” mode. I immediately noticed that the Redragon was better. Not dramatically, but better. It has a more dynamic sound rand and more specific positioning. And it sounds better overall. And the price is higher correspondingly. I would say overpaying for the Muses is justified.

Redragon Muses Review: The Conclusion

Redragon Muses lights

The Redragon Muses H310 is a high-quality and inexpensive gaming headset with a 7.1 3-D audio. It has proper positioning and creates space and atmosphere in games well, sits very comfortably, and has a low price. I’ll add that they’re interesting, as far as gamer headsets design go, with the lights and friendly price makes it a good candidate for purchasing.

Features & Characteristics

  • Type of headphones: full size
  • Acoustic style: closed
  • Membrane diameter: 50 mm
  • Frequency (headphones): 20-20000 GHz
  • Sensitivity (headphones): 120 dB
  • Resistance (headphones): 32 Ω
  • Frequency (microphone): 20-16000 GHz
  • Sensitivity (microphone): 38 dB
  • Resistance (microphone): 2.2 kΩ
  • Type of connection: wired
  • Cable length: 2.2 m
  • Plug type: USB
  • Size: 220 x 85 x 215 mm
  • Weight: 324 g

Package Contents

  • Headphones
  • Warranty

 The Good 

  • The price for sound quality for games. The headphones let you quickly find the sound source in games and give a good 3-D space and don’t cause stress from the sound. And it’s worth the price if you compare it with more expensive and cheaper competitors.
  • It sits comfortably. The headphones do not cause discomfort after playing for several hours in a row. They don’t press on your ears or head and don’t weigh much. And sometimes you won’t even notice them.
  • Functions for games. Although I wouldn’t say that I really felt 7.1 sound, I did feel 3-D volume. It has a quality microphone and comfortable design, although it does have minimal controls. The sound card in the headphones is better than built-in ones.
  • The design and quality of the parts. Classic gamer appearance. Not too snazzy, but are bright. It has lights, but not too much. The plastic is of high quality and not a fingerprint magnet. They’re built well and should last a long time.

 The Bad 

  • They don’t fit very tight; It’s the price for comfort. Sharp movement can move the headphones if they don’t fall off.
  • Background noise. It can be noticed in silence (when games are paused). It’s not loud, but noticeable.
  • The sound quality of music. Traditionally these kinds of headphones have low quality for music. However, it’s not their primary use, so this negative is conditional but should be kept in mind.
  • It only plugs in with USB. Of course, this is done because of the built-in sound card. It’s located in the cable, and the ability to plug it into the sound card (through the USB) or through usual audio-inputs would make the headphones more universal. But in fairness, it’s worth mentioning that you can use these headphones with any computer or, for example, a PS4, because they have a USB port.  But that won’t work for TVs or phones.
Think I missed something in my review? Still have questions? Want to talk about protein shakes? Let me know in the comments!

Bottom Line

Sound Quality For Gaming - 8
Comfort - 10
Gaming Functionality - 8
Design and Assembly - 9
Durability - 8


Final Score

Redragon Muses are great for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on gaming headphones and a sound card. But want good sound quality for a low price. It's a good quality headset for its price.


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